It Can Be Done!

Modern wastewater systems generate 3% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions (estimated, IPCC 2008). This comes from two sources: the microbial breakdown of waste organics, and the burning of fossil fuels needed to operate the plant itself.

The federal government recognizes the need for change. Via legislation, it is now requiring all Canadian cities to provide secondary sewage treatment by 2020 at the latest. This will require large capital expenditure costs.

It’s clear: our approach to wastewater needs to change. How can change be achieved? Can it be done cost-effectively? With the technology from VERDIR it can!


Who is VERDIR?

  • An Alberta-based company that has taken advantage of proven, global technologies to provide a unique approach to wastewater treatment.
  • In conjunction with our strategic partners, VERDIR is introducing this technology across Canada.

VERDIR delivers:

  • environmental benefits via improved water management practices
  • a process to convert waste products from the process into assets (fertilizer, power and water) creating recurring revenue for the client
  • technology that will establish the client as a leader in water-management

The VERDIR Approach:

  • delivers better services compared to current options
  • can be operational in weeks
  • is less costly